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While driving, a man talks on his cellphone, unaware of what's going on to the left of him.

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original title: Blind Spot

genge: Short,Action,Drama



duration: 6min



keywords: driving, disaster, singletake, cellphone, longtake



































While driving, a man talks on his cellphone, unaware of what's going on to the left of him. The Short Of The Week website analysis states there's a danger of Matthew Nayman's short film being both one note and mediocre but Nayman manages to pull it off . I agree though there's no escaping from the fact it's very much one note and a one trick pony but while you're watching it you do wonder how quickly other people came to understand what was happening at the mis-en-scene

Some people might claim " if that was me I would have known what was happening right away " but would you ? Go on youtube and look at the live news broadcasts of 9/11 as the second plane crashed in to the South Tower of the WTC . It's surprising how many of the commentators don't notice the second plane come in to frame and hit the second tower and thought the resulting explosion was coming from the North Tower . On a similar you might have done a quick observation test where you're asked to study a still photo of busy city centre street . You're asked what you noticed about the still " Perhaps you noticed , the street lamps , or the cars in the foreground or the blonde woman walking nearest to camera . But did you notice the spaceship in the sky at the top right hand corner ? " and you're left kicking yourself for not noticing something so obvious , so yes the scenario here is very credible and well done for making it on a budget of $2,000 . That said anyone who's driving a car making a plane reservation on a mobile phone dserves summary execution The entire content of this short film is basically a guy on the way to an airport trying to change a flight from 7am tomorrow to be 7pm tonight. He has been bounced around the call center departments several times and we join him in the middle of yet another dead end. As he fights his way through customer service and traffic, he is so distracted that he cannot see what is happening on the edge of his vision.

There is no point in trying to pretend that the message of this film is pretty obvious and a bit patronizing in just how simple it is; ie we are so tied up in the busywork of our own lives that we cannot even see the world literally burning around us. This is the message of the short and luckily it tries to deliver it in a more interesting way than could have been the case. Here we have an one-take deal with actor Brackenbury doing a good job of keeping it going and being natural. In the background of this scene we have a disaster subtly unfolding with smoke and fire far in the distance. The viewer is drawn into both but Steven is focused on himself. It is nicely played and appreciated the subtle nature of it but I did still have some problems.

OK, the point being made doesn't really apply to the situation we see